Agua Salada

Agua Salada means salty water.

Carolina always feels that her soul is made of salty water and sand. It is her natural habitat. She enjoyed the sea for so many years while living in Venezuela, it was home. However, the sea has become a luxury since she moved to Canada.

Agua Salada is inspired by places in the Gulf of Mexico and what it means to Carolina to visit them. Places that are the middle point to meet with her parents, siblings and relatives.

When Carolina says Agua Salada she emotionally travels to Bradenton and Sarasota in Florida where her favourite beaches are located. The unique beauty of Bean Point and Coquina Beach, both located at the north and south ends of Anna Maria Island or the fun vibes of Siesta Key Beach. White sand, turquoise water surrounded by a mixed vegetation and the chance to see and enjoy the dolphins swimming close by.

This collection is all about what she feels when she enjoys the sea with her family and relatives. The joy of seeing such an astonishing natural beauty, the enjoyment of the colourful villages alongside the beaches. The happy memories that she keeps as treasures.

Carolina  shares with you all of this joy translated into exclusive pieces created with a curated selection of semiprecious gemstones and colours that reflects the beauty and happiness of the place, just as blending with nature.

All the best quality materials selected just for you to enjoy. The semiprecious gemstones chosen are mostly 3-4 mm rondelles and round beads, different colours and some of them transparent and faceted to enhance the natural and delicate shine that creates the sensation of being in front of the sea, the sensation of the intense and bright sun of a beach day and the deep mental clarity she feels after a relaxed and joyful day. But there are also bright and happy colours introduced with African and Japanese glass beads to reflect the cool vibes of the colourful villages by the sea and the exquisite artwork that she found near by while exploring Tampa Bay.