Luli Collection

Elegant, modern and special.

A personal collection with a curated selection of semi precious gemstones, materials and colours chosen with the help of Carolina's daughter Luli.

Her name is Andrea Lucia but they call her Luli, Lu, Lula, Lulú.

Alijuna started as a hobby when Carolina created a beaded head band for her daughter's First Holy Communion. She loved it!

Since then, Luli has been a fan of what we now call Alijuna.

For this collection she has requested specific designs to fit her lifestyle. She asked for something that she can wear all the time, made to her size and with different patterns of gold beads and semiprecious gemstones. Carefully curated colours and shapes that will create a harmonious and delicate balance. 

Here you have it! Our new Luli Collection. 24 different bracelets with new Alijuna designs. 

Carolina's way to celebrate the 20th birthday of her daughter and the beautiful and smart woman that she has become.