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The Alijuna jewelry is unique and exclusive, full of small artisanal details with a modern and elegant look. Made to order specially for you.

Each Alijuna piece is created from high quality materials from around the world like gemstones, Japanese beads, gold plated metals, cotton and silk threads with bright and colourful combinations.

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Cordillera Wrap Bracelets

The Cordillera Collection is elegant with an artisanal and bohemian look. Inspired in the Venezuelan Andes and its endless mountains, high farmlands and villages with cobble streets, houses with terracotta tiled roofs, colourful windows and doors.

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Cielo Collection

Cielo is a word in Spanish that means sky. With the sky as our inspiration we play with the sunlight, the darkness and the display of colours that we can enjoy during a sunrise, a sunset or while watching the dancing of the aurora borealis in the dark sky.

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Sol Wrap Bracelets

This elegant and delicate piece of the Alijuna Collection is named “Sol” after the bright sun that Carolina’s hometown Maracaibo enjoys all year round, the reason why the city is called “The Beloved Land of the Sun”.

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Fiesta Necklaces

Fiesta time! 

A celebration to life and love and an invitation to live each day with a purpose. 

For this collection Carolina dove deep into her memories and family pictures of her daughter’s 5th Birthday Party to create a curated selection of materials, colours and a design that reflects the happy and fun moment. 

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