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The Alijuna jewelry is unique and exclusive, full of small artisanal details with a modern and elegant look. Made to order specially for you.

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Each Alijuna piece is created from high quality materials from around the world like gemstones, Japanese beads, gold plated metals, cotton and silk threads with bright and colourful combinations.

New Para Ti Friendship Bracelets

Para Ti means For You! For your best friends, or your daughter, maybe for your mom or grandma. A collection inspired in love and friendship to celebrate the special people around us.

Unique and delicate bracelets designed to be shared with your loved ones and to be worn by you as a reminder to love yourself first. 

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New Fiesta Frenética Earrings

Fiesta Frenética means frenetic party. A celebration in such a way that allows you to express yourself in an authentic way.

As part of our San Benito Collection we created our first earrings. With this collection Carolina wants to celebrate her Venezuelan culture and traditions. A diverse and rich culture that is a result of the blend of many others. 

Let the drums guide your movements during the San Benito celebration, under the bright sun and on the hot streets. 

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la Isla Collection

La Isla means the island and its the way we call Margarita Island in Venezuela. This island is a gem in the Caribbean. Its natural beauty is astonishing. 

Famous for the pearls that you can find there,  for their beautiful beaches and for their religious celebrations to their patron, La Virgen del Valle. 

Every time Carolina works with pearls, her mind flies to Margarita Island in Venezuela. This is why she loves to work with pearls. It allows her to revisit her happy memories of the place.               

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Cielo Collection

Cielo is a word in Spanish that means sky. With the sky as our inspiration we play with the sunlight, the darkness and the display of colours that we can enjoy during a sunrise, a sunset or while watching the dancing of the aurora borealis in the dark sky.

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