The colours and happiness of the Venezuelan Caribbean, its people, natural beauty and traditions. A way of life that Carolina enjoyed for many years.

This collection is the reflection of the simplicity, happiness, love and natural beauty that Carolina enjoyed while living in the Anzoátegui State - Venezuela.

The bracelets and necklaces of our new Mochima Collection are a simple and elegant version of beautiful jewelry at the beach and of course, with the Alijuna style.

Gorgeous semiprecious gemstones with a curated colour palette that is a mirror of the colours found in those places that inspired her to create this collection and also those of the deep emotions that she felt during that time of her life.

With this collection we are introducing sterling silver to our work which mixed with the semiprecious gemstones creates beautiful and unique pieces.

A collection inspired in nature and happy times; pieces that carry great and positive emotions knowing that they will be part of your story, part of your daily life or gifts for someone special.