Mundo (Archive)

A collection inspired in love and friendship.

A celebration to all the special persons around the world that we call friends and also a message of love to all family members spread around the world. 

The colours have the power to evoke feelings,  to express emotions and to grab attention. 

Every colour symbolized something specific:

Yellow: happiness, optimism, enlightenment.

Red: courage, passion, love.

Blue: serenity, stability, wisdom.

Green: nature, tranquility, good luck.

Purple: luxury, power, wisdom.

Pink: love, kindness, youth.

Grey: neutrality, balance, maturity.

Lilac: confidence, innocence, serenity.

Orange: joy, enjoyment, change. 

White: fresh start, hope, purity.

Handcrafted with 24Kt gold plated and multi-coloured Japanese beads ending with a braided cotton cord. 

Tie fastening.

Its average length is 73 cm.

Wrap around your wrist three times.

Mix and match them for an awesome look.

Available in 15 different colours and combinations 

  • Yellow
  • Red
  • Orange
  • Lilac 
  • Purple 
  • Blue
  • Light blue
  • Green
  • Lime green
  • Grey
  • Beige
  • Black
  • Multi colours
  • Swarovski pearls and multi colours 



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