Bailadores (Archive)

Bailadores is a town in the Venezuelan Andes. The place that inspired this collection with its picturesque landscape, narrow roads, the colours of the locally produced fruits, vegetables and flowers and that unique feeling of being in the Andes enjoying endless road trips with my family.

My childhood memories translated into accessories for you to enjoy and to accompany you to live your own happy moments.

Handcrafted with 24K gold plated and multi-coloured Japanese beads And gold filled beads arranged in a specific pattern design ending with a braided cotton cord.

Tie fastening.

Its average length is 54cm.

Wrap around your wrist two times.

Mix and match them for an awesome look.

Available in 12 different combinations:

  • Red and purple
  • All red
  • Blue and green 
  • All blue
  • Orange and pink 
  • All orange
  • Grey and gunmetal 
  • All grey 
  • Cream and grey 
  • All cream
  • Dark rose and copper
  • All dark rose 

Each of our products is made to order and our processing time is usually 1 - 5 business days.


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