Alma Mística (Archive)

Alma Mística means Mystic Soul. Mystic refers to a state where the human soul meets the divine in our body.

Now more than ever we look to stay present, to live every moment consciously and being aware of our emotions and feelings.

Mystic persons can put aside everything that disturbs them and makes them loose the balance in their life. They are able to control their thoughts, to find their freedom and to open the door to a world where everything is possible.

The Alma Mística Collection is an invitation to stay present, to connect with the divinity in you and to find your balance in a world that is full of uncertainty.

You can select the pieces from the collection based on the colours that you like or based on the healing properties of the semi precious gemstones. Both of them are totally valid because wearing colours increases our mood and connects us with their energy, and wearing the gemstones with specific healing properties can connect us with our intentions and with the energy that comes from Mother Earth.

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