Lu Bracelet Style 1


The Lu Bracelet Style 1 has become one of Luli’s favourites. She wears it all the time and mixes and matches it with different Alijuna styles. 

The Lu Bracelets are a sweet and delicate mix of different shapes and sizes of 14Kt gold filled beads. Together they create the perfect bracelet to pair with others for a great Alijuna look but also to wear by themselves for a delicate golden touch.

They are strung in a flexible and coated stainless steel wire.

There are three options available:

Lu Bracelet Style 1

Lu Bracelet Style 2

Lu Bracelet With Pearl

Each of our products is made to order and our processing time is usually 1 - 5 business days.

🟡 Slight variations due to the natural and handmade beads that we use.

🟡 Care Instructions:

Your Alijuna jewelry is handmade thinking of you. We want you to feel happy and special.

Your pieces are made to last years if you give them some love and care.

Do not soak in water. Avoid direct contact with body lotions and perfumes. Rough treatments can loosen the beads.