Caribe Triple Wrap Bracelets


Our signature pieces are wrap bracelets. It is a way to stand out with unique accessories that reflect a balance of emotion and feelings made with fine and delicate materials. Happy, relaxed and grateful by the Caribbean Sea as our inspiration.

Our Caribe Triple Wrap Bracelets are made with semi precious gemstones, 24Kt gold plated and colourful Japanese beads with cotton cord. 

Wrap around your wrist 3 times or wear them as necklaces.

Adjustable closure. 

Adjustable length from 23cm to 32cm approximately. 

There are 4 options available to choose from:

1. Kyanite and Labradorite beads with 24Kt gold plated Japanese beads.

2. Labradorite beads with 24Kt gold plated, red and blue Japanese beads.

3. Sunstone beads with 24Kt gold plated Japanese beads and premium crystals. 

4. Premium Crystal beads with 24Kt gold plated and colourful Japanese beads.

Mix and match them for a great Alijuna look.

Handcrafted in Calgary with the best quality materials from around the world. 

Each of our products is made to order and our processing time is usually 1 - 5 business days.

Care Instructions:

Do not soak in water to avoid wear of the threads and gold plated materials. If for any reason the threads get wet, wait until they get totally dry to remove your jewelry. Avoid direct contact with body lotions and perfumes. Rough treatments can loosen the beads. Use mild soap and water to clean the silk cords if needed, rinse and let it dry.