Phenomena Wrap Bracelet/Double Necklace


We went a bit farther away to explore some cool museums in the Tampa Bay area and got inspired by some colourful paintings made by the artist Paul Jenkins and his impressive way to mix the colours.

We mixed white and black Japanese beads with vibrant African beads in red, blue, green, yellow, turquoise and orange with touches of gold made with 24Kt gold plated Japanese beads.

It is 33in long including the 14Kt gold filled clasp. It wraps around your wrist 5 times or wear it as a double necklace. This length fits a wrist size of 6in - 6.5in. We have available for sale a 1.5in extender if you want to fit it to a bigger wrist. 

🟡 Slight variations due to the natural and handmade beads that we use.

🟡 Care Instructions:

Your Alijuna jewelry is handmade thinking of you. We want you to feel happy and special.

Your pieces are made to last years if you give them some love and care.

Do not soak in water to avoid wear of the threads and gold plated materials. If for any reason the threads get wet, wait until they get totally dry to remove your jewelry. Avoid direct contact with body lotions and perfumes. Rough treatments can loosen the beads. Use mild soap and water to clean the cotton threads if needed, rinse and let it dry.